Wedding wooden table names

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£0.99 - £1.65

Product Overview

  • Laser cut 3.2mm thick script name style table names.

    The names are approx. 2.5cm/25mm/1″ high for the capital letters and vary in width depending on each name.

    Please note, the capital a and n are larger lowercase versions of the letters.
    Simply enter the names in the box EXACTLY as required with a single space between the names (no numbers, commas etc are required). If it is a double/multiple word name that requires joining, write it as you would expect to receive it e.g. MotheroftheBride, BestMan, NannySue
    If you are ordering in advance, please note that no refunds would be given should the situation change. It is possible to change names or numbers when you get your final list too.
    As these are laser cut, they are essentially burnt out of the wood, which can leave a burnt wood smell immediately after cutting. If you would prefer us to air them for an extra 2-3 days before posting, please let us know.
    You can choose the required finish below, leaving as is for a rustic look


(No reviews yet) Write a Review